Name: Justperkme
Age: 35
Sex: female
Location: PA
Type: Genital HSV 2 Diagnosed November 18th 1999
Occupation: Massage Therapist and single mom taking care of my 2 great kids
OB's per year: 0 in the last 9 months
Prodromes:  Fever, chills, tingles down legs and base of spine
Method of control:  Acyclovir 400mgs/2xday lots of rest stay stress and worry-free and eating better.

My Story: I was married for 12 years and in February of 1999 decided to take my two kids and leave my husband who chose his job and career over me and kids. After a few months he came back to me and we tried one more time. It lasted a week (enough for him to get his fill of sex). Anyway in the short week is when he passed it to me. He was seeing another woman in Costa November 18 the day before my 34th birthday, I went to my ob/gyn thinking I had a bad yeast infection. To my shock she then told me it looked like herpes and then the tests confirmed it.

So now I have gone from a single mom who once was looking forward to a new life and new relationships to a woman who sits here online instead of trying to meet anyone for fear of rejection and fear of them thinking I was "dirty"!

My mother knows and my two sisters know. My kids know mom has a virus but not the name...I have a few online friends who I have told, and of course the xhubby (who will not admit to it or be tested) and I am sure he has told his friends family etc.

I am still in this "why me?" stage but slowly getting over it and on with my life......any suggestions or advice would be great!

Update 4/20/2001

I am out of the "why me" stage and into the "I love me" stage. I am now a "taken" mother of two girls and if all goes well, in a year moving to New York. I am able to be more open with family and friends and tell them what I 
have how I got it and how I deal with it. My x still denies what he has, even though he has had OB's and Bell's Palsey<shrug>.