Name: Karen
Age: 31
Sex: Female
Occupation: Chef/Restaurateur
Type: HSV2
Year Infected: 1986
OB's per year: 6 average

Prodromes: Fatigue

Method of Control: None

My Story: Boyfriend had a small mark on his penis, asked him if it was painful, he
said it wasn't so I didn't worry. Stupid, stupid, but I was only 19.

Medical Experiences: Doctor thought I had yeast infection. Well, I didn't. I lied to him initially about pain during urination -- I just didn't want it to be something really bad like an STD. YIKES! Properly diagnosed. Cried in the doctors office. He told me it wasn't the end of the world, I remember
thinking, not to you it isn't.

Telling: Told my now husband one night at his place before I went home for the
evening. Told him I valued him, but before either one of us got more involved I had something to tell him. Then I just said it plainly and simply, listened to his questions, answered them as best I could, left it up to him to call me. Luckily, he did.