A Lesson of Love

I had a friend
who told to me
a secret from his past.

He thought that I
would run and hide
our friendship wouldn't last.

He said he had
something untold
that we need discuss

and I told him
my confidence
he could trust.

He told me of a disease
and Herpes
was the word.

Something I knew
little of
and only jokes I'd heard.

My heart stopped
the fear froze me
in my tracks.

Then I realized
I really needed
to get some FACTS.

I found a place
to open up
and ask everyone

just what I
should do now
what could be done.

Their answers came
too late for me
to read and learn.

So I jumped blindly
and just followed
my heart to yearn.

I told him that
a true friend
would never leave.

They would always
stand by him
trust and believe.

I could not let
my heart
run or look away.

So by him
I will always stand
my heart will always stay.

Others he told me
would run
when told.

The word Herpes
closed their hearts
turned them cold.

How unfair
I thought
to treat a friend as such.

If only one arm
couldn't he still
hug just as much?

I have broken
it down
to simplicity

for those who
feel it's a

H-clean Hygienic Habits
E-EVER aware of the problem
R-READING facts and updates
P-always keeping a POSITIVE attitude (and hope)
E-ENDURING the pain and aggravation
S-STANDING beside a loved one....not running