Name: love
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Type : Genital - Likely HSV1
Mo/Yr Infected: February 1999
Number of OB's/yr: Just the first, hopefully the last too.

Prodromes: Itching, swelling, headache.

Method Of Control: I was pretty much just fed whatever my mother gave me.
Codeine for the pain, xylocreme (I think) that you put directly on the sores
and what not which actually numbs the area itself. and these red pills that
which were antibiotics I think.

Experience w/ Doctor:
I went to the ER about 11 at night because I told my
mother I had "sores down there" and that it wasn't a little yeast infection.
So, I unwillingly was examined by some male doctor and he gave me the
xylocreme. He bluntly told my mom I had a case of herpes and we both started
crying. It sucked. Then I went to the obgyn.. and she was very nice, but
suggested I go on birth control, and I simply told her that I wasn't having
sex and that I didn't need it. My mother agreed.

My Story: I was on a break with my boyfriend and got with his friend "Matt".
We had oral sex. I was in pain for about 3 days and I faked a stomach ache and
was sent home by the school nurse. I researched it myself and I already
found out that it was herpes prior to the visit in the ER. I had told Matt
that I thought I had herpes, he was like you can't, blahblahblah. Well, I
did. I told one of my "best-friends" who told everyone, and Matt denied it
completely saying he had gotten tested when he in fact did not, and has not
apologized since. I have a very close knit group of friends who knows
everyone thru everyone, so before I am introduced to a person they all
somehow know who I am.

The Conversation: Sadly enough, everyone around here knows about my disease.
It is something I have to live with, day in day out, but I've dealt with sh*t
like this before. It is hard to start a relationship at this young age and
then break the "news" to them. Oh well...... life sucks! :)