Name: Lucy 
Age: 15 
Type: HSV-2 on genitals 
Year Infected: December 2000 
OB's/yr: not sure yet 
Prodromes: A horrible itch down there along with headache and very swollen glands. 

My Story: My current boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for nine months and never had sex. We had done some of the "other stuff" and that is how I became infected. I had no idea what herpes was or how you could get it. I knew it was an STD but I thought of an STD as something only transmitted through intercourse. I guess I was wrong. I thought I had been playing it safe by not having sex hoping to keep myself safe from something like this. 

I am currently having my first outbreak right now and have never had anything so painful my whole life. You take little everyday things like peeing for granted when you have this. I remember balling when I had to go pee and even using soap down there burned so bad. I figured I had a yeast infection or UTI so I went to the doctor. She made me feel like a dirty whore because she just looked down there and blurted, "You have herpes!" I had never been so humiliated in my life and the worst part was, I was in that room alone being told I had some disease I knew nothing about. I just began to cry and cry. I went into the lobby and grabbed my boyfriend and told him what I had. He just cried right along with me. What scared me most was having to tell my parents. Keep in mind I am a 15 year old girl with rather protective parents. I called my mom and told her and she didn't believe me. When she came home we talked and I had to tell her the most personal details of my life. She cried and later on told me that I couldn't see my boyfriend anymore. 

What is so horrible is that I feel I am getting punished emotionally and physically for doing stuff that I am sure most teens do. It is just not fair that I am surrounded by people who have sex all the time and don't even care and nothing happens to them. I think the emotional toll this has taken on my life is much worse than any sore on my body. If I would have been educated that a cold sore is herpes then I would never kiss anybody. That is what is so sad is that you can't even do an innocent thing like kiss without worrying about getting a disease. Everything happens for a reason and I guess it will make me a stronger person and I know that I am not alone. My boyfriend tells me everyday how sorry he is because he himself didn't even know. I am using Zovirax to deal with the excruciating pain. I just hope all the outbreaks aren't like this.