Name: LuAnn/luigilula
Type: HSV-2 genital
Yr Infected: (April) 2008
OB's: to be determined
Prodromes: to be determined
Method of Control: to be determined; I am going to be taking a neutraceutical product, as soon as I get it that my, of all things, psychiatrist (used to be a FP/DO) recommended.

My story: I divorced in 2000, dated one guy for about 6 months. Bad experience that basically left me with a bad taste for relationships in general. I hadn't dated until .... yes... you are reading correctly...April Fool's Day. I met a great guy through a prominent personals website of all things. We met on 4-1 before actually having a date the next evening. Prior to that we had emailed for some time and then spoke on the phone. He had originally 'winked' at me before Christmas. He shared his medical issues with me and personal ones right away. He has survived leukemia. I was ok with all of it. We became intimate for the first time on the 16th. Then again, the 21 & 23. By Friday the 25th, I was feeling like I had a UTI coming on. I half expected that so I didn't think much more. By Saturday night (I work night shift every weekend) I was feverish and felt really tired and my brain was foggy. I thought I had a small laceration down below maybe. I made it through the weekend with great difficulty. Monday I knew something was really wrong and made an appointment with the WHNP the next day. Tuesday, I told her what was going on and before she even looked, she said Herpes. I hadn't even thought of that. I didn't have any blisters. But she did her exam and took a swab of the lesion(s) and I had blood drawn. She put me on Valtrex and sent me off. Thursday I knew I was allergic to the medication and that I felt just as bad if not worse. She gave me the option of going into the hospital which I took gladly. I was very dehydrated and the pain medicine was welcomed. It was hard in this way...I work with these people. I didn't really want 'every'one to know what was wrong. But I felt so bad physically I had to do it. I stayed till Sunday and was sent home on oral acyclovir 200mg 5x/day. Today(5-8-08) I am better. I am still tired and sore. I can tell the virus is still settling in. I am supposed to go back to work Saturday. As for the fellow--we had just come back from a trip on that Thursday. I let him know I was in the hospital and didn't hear from him until Sunday when I missed his call the one time I left my phone the whole time! Finally got an email from him on Monday. Things for us are on 'hold' because of a unfortunate turn of events in his life (for me anyway). He did not know he had it and was tested on the 5th I believe. As of now, I do not know results. He has taken this all very hard and is full of guilt for having infected me.

Telling: of course this is all brand new, but I'm not going to broadcast it but I'm not going to hang my head either. If I end up dating again, I will be upfront. But maybe use the approach suggested on the HHP page/link.