Name: Melis
Age: 23
Sex: Female

Note: This bio was submitted to us in the form of a survey:

Approximately how many outbreaks per year?
Depends on my health...... 3-12

Approximately how many days does each out break last?
If I don't use this over the counter product topical solution called VIRAMEDX ( Then it lasts like 7 days...when I use Viramedx on the sore it usually goes away within 21 hours. But this stuff can get expensive!

Are you taking any suppressive meds?
   I just got a prescription for Valtrex... so I will be trying it tomorrow.

Do you usually take meds when you have an outbreak?
I was taking Famvir 2 X's a day for 10 days when I got an OB... but the side effects were bad... Migraines! I started changing my diet, exercising more, taking red marine algae, a multi vitamin, garlic, L-Lysine, and a mineral supplement. I also use Viramedx topical solution which helps heal the outbreaks a lot. And Aveno Oatmeal bath helps with itching.

When did you first suspect genital herpes?
November 1998 after 3 months of being with my new ex!

What Made you suspect herpes?
I had a sore. It felt like I had a yeast or bladder infection.

When where you diagnosed?
Today! October 11.1999

How were you diagnosed?
  I had 3 cultures done all of course at separate times ... they all came back negative. I decided it was time to find a new gynecologist. I found a really good one last week and she ordered a blood test because the lesion was not active (it looked more like a cyst then a herpes sore) and then 3 days later I got the results back and just like I assumed I was diagnosed with type-2.

Did the test tell if yours was genital HSV-1? Hsv-2?
It did not tell whether it was genital or not ... but it said it was pos for type-2 only. It was a blood test not the western blot... a Pga OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

What type of relationship were you in when you were diagnosed?
When I was diagnosed I was not in a relationship because I was diagnosed 8 months after I broke up with my ex. But I was in what I thought was a monogamous relationship. He did not tell me he has HSV-2 ...and he never had an OB.. we were together about a year. I assumed he either lied or just did not know he has herpes. I have only had 2 sexual partners. My first was my ex-fiance... my second was my ex-boyfriend the one whom gave me herpes. With both relationships I always used condoms and Non-oxinal-9 ... but it is a skin to skin contact disease. so see people you can still get STD's even with a condom! I'm proof of that!

What happened to this relationship since then?
I broke up with him before I was diagnosed ... and I ended it because he was emotionally abusive and very bad for me. Not to mention he would not get tested for HIV or any STD's which made me not trust him and I did not want to get anything else. I am very blessed that I do not have HIV ... been tested for that twice now!

If you are no longer with that person mentioned above did the split have anything to do with herpes?
No, the split was because he was a jerk to me!

Do you know who most likely gave you herpes?
Yes, Due to the fact I have only been with 2 men and both were two years apart ... and I did not have any problems until after my last ex. I know for a fact I got it from him ... although he denies it and blames me.

How do you think you contracted the HSV virus?
Genital contact on an area where the condom did not cover....although he never had any sores or symptoms....

If you think you know who gave you herpes did you know that this person had it?
No, I did not know. He did not tell me or give me that chance to decide. When I first met him he seemed really great so I probably would have given him a chance anyway. But I do think he knew he just had no respect for me or for himself!

Have you heard of Asymptotic Shedding?

When you were first diagnosed with genital herpes did you hear about asymptotic shedding?
Yes my doc told me and I did research on the web

Do you have oral herpes?
Yes, but since it is type-2 I only had one OB.... none since

Physically how much has HSV affected your life? bothers me somewhat

Emotionally how is it affecting you?
Minor... a mild inconvenience.

Emotionally how did Genital HSV affect your life the first 6 months you had it?
Severe..... I was devastated. Basically because I freaked out that it might be a symptom of HIV/AIDS..... and I put myself through hell and waited 5 months and got my first HIV test and then 8 months and got my second one. Now that both HIV tests are negative.... I know that I can live a healthy and happy life with herpes and not have to worry myself sick about HIV ... not too mention I am now 8 months abstinent and plan to stay that way until I get married!

PHYSICALLY how did genital HSV affect your life in the first 6 months?
It was really painful at first.... burned while urinating, itchy, throbbing a lot of that has worn off

Does having herpes affect your dating and sex life?
Yes, a little bit...... only because it will show who is a GOOD GUY and who really cares ... there is always rejection. It also made me not want to have sex until I get married! (GO watch the movie KIDS ... you'll understand why!)

Have you had sex since you were diagnosed?

Did you use protection since the last time you had sex?
I always used protection.

If you have one thing to say to people who are uninfected what would you say?
First 1 in 5 people have this. Its almost virtually impossible to not get Herpes in some way shape or form. Weather its a cold sore or genital. I would say make sure you get your partner and yourself tested (BLOOD TEST) for every STD because you just don't know. There are a lot worse STD's other then HSV out there. There is AIDS and HEP-C and people are dying from HIV. Its so sad to see people suffer just because a night of pleasure. So get tested! Make sure its after 6 months after your last possible exposure too. And use condoms..... but remember you can still get some STD's even with a condom<<< I did!
For people who were recently diagnosed: Be strong and smile. It helps ... do some research so you gain knowledge ... and never blame yourself. be honest with future sexual partners ... give them that chance to make a choice!