Name: Michelle
Sex: F
Age: 29
Occupation: Accounting Clerk
Type: HSV 2 (assumed because of location--no lab capabilities to test here)
Yr. Infected: 12/98
OBs per Year: Unknown

Prodromes: Unknown

Method of Control: Valtrex for the first OB. Worked very well.

My Story. This was my birthday present from a boyfriend--the first guy I trusted after my divorce was final. I needed to know I was still desirable (in more ways than one). My self-esteem was very low after the divorce. He acted like he cared. Maybe he did. Either he knew and chose not to tell me, or he's telling the truth when he says he didn't know. Either way, I'm still H+ so it really doesn't matter.

Medical Experience: Diagnosis made on the first try. My doctor has been really great so far. But there aren't any counselors in my town for this sort of thing.

Telling: I had to tell the guy I was seeing when the OB occurred. The symptoms showed up the morning after we were together. He didn't take the news well--especially after he turned out positive. I've only told one other potential partner. That went well. He still wants to see me. There is hope.