Name: Mike
Age: 32
Sex: M
Yr. Infected: Date of onset May 1990
Occupation: Student at Colorado State University
Prodromes:  Flu-like symptoms and tingling in my lower back

Method of Control: Method of control: exersise and diet

Medical experiences: the only time I have consulted a doctor is when I first got HSV.
I then began to educate myself in order to confront and deal with this

My Story: My girlfriend of 2 years decided to start a relationship with
someone else and contracted herpes in the process and therefore passing it
along to me. I was very upset and did not know what to do. I got rid of her
and started the long process of learning to deal with HSV. I have come a long
way since that time in my life and have learned to live life to the fullest
and not let anything hinder my enjoyment of life.

Telling: In the past nine years I have had 2 girlfriends which accepted the
condition which I have. I knew beforehand that they would understand, so It
was relatively easy to tell. Lately I have not been able to find somebody
that fits into this picture.