Name: New Mommie
Sex: F
Age: 34
Year Infected: 1990
Type: HSV 2 (genital and whitlow) HSV 1 (oral cold sores contracted from high school smooching)
Occupation: Mother and law student

My old triggers seem to be stress, cold weather, and periods. Thanks to
suppressives, I am much better and only have an occasional genital OB now. I
take 400 mgs Acyclovir 2 times daily.

I contracted HSV 2 from my husband almost 14 years ago (he was my boyfriend
then). We had been together for about 4 months at the time. We have been
married now for almost 11 years and have a beautiful healthy daughter who
was delivered vaginally in late 2002. She is absolutely herpes free.

I have a very happy and "normal" life and feel very fortunate. I've had the
benefit of time to help me see that H isn't the end of the world as I once
thought. Now it is just a part of life and not a big deal to me. I think
it's very unfortunate that there is such a stigma attached to genital herpes
and I would sure like to see it changed soon! The HHP Web site is an
excellent start.

I hope that my story will inspire mothers to be who have genital herpes and
who may be worried about being able to deliver vaginally as well as others
out there who struggle with whitlow.