Name: Pearl

Age: 34

Sex: Female

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Years Infected: 1996 ????

Type: ???


OBs per year: Upon initial diagnosis (Feb, 2001) 1+ per month. Nothing for the past 3 months.


Prodromes: I get pains in my buttocks and down my legs, but that does not always result in an OB. Also, sometimes my skin is sore to the touch.


Method of Control: Since diagnosis in 2001, I did not want to go on meds. I wanted to try to do it myself. That didn't seem to be working, so on March 14, 2002 I started first with Zovirax, then after reading posts on this board, asked my doctor if she would prescribe Valtrex. I have been on Valtrex only for the past two weeks, so it's too early to tell if it will work or not, but I have my fingers crossed!


My Story: My herpetrator was my ex-boyfriend with whom I had lived for 2 1/2 years. After we broke up, I found out that he had been cheating on me with every twinkie in a skirt, and had a totally separate life that I knew nothing about. I was originally diagnosed with HPV in December, 1995 (have had no problems with that since early 1996) and was totally devastated by that diagnoses. Although I was very upset when I was diagnosed with HSV in February, 2001, I was not as devastated. I believe it was because when I was diagnosed with HPV I also had the added drama of a relationship break up going on, and my emotions were just raw.


I still have days where I get depressed, but I try to just go on and not dwell on it. After all, there is nothing I can do to change it, so why make myself miserable over it. Also, it's non-life threatening, so that makes it easier to deal with. After all that my ex put me through, it could have been much worse...HIV for example. So, I realize how lucky I am.


Medical Experience: My gnyo is very supportive and understanding. She's hugged me and handed me tissues many, many times when I was a total basket case. She listens to me and has genuine concern for me. She is always willing to listen to anything I have to say, and is very helpful when she needs to be.


Telling: I have not been in a relationship since my diagnoses, or for 5 years prior to that, so I have not had to tell a prospective partner about it. I told one friend that I have herpes and she didn't even bat an eye. She told me that she had dated someone for 4 years who had it. I do not wish to tell any family members or any other friends at this time. Maybe someday down the line when I have a better understanding of it and am more comfortable with it, I will. Until that time, I just come to and listen and learn and occasionally post.