Name: Photogirl
Age: 37
Sex: F (lesbian, but been with men - may matter to some questions about physical things.)
Occupation: QA software tester; Photographer
Type: HSV2 on chin and index finger
Yr Infected: unknown - before 1990
OB's per yr: 4 bad ones in '96, 2 baddies in '97, one in '98.

Tingly, itchy chin, sometimes with stabbing needle like pains. Sometimes bony-feeling protrusion "growing" from point of chin bone back toward throat, which I was told by a doctor was a lymph node fighting the nearby infection. Tender armpit nodes, bad headache at back of head, extreme tiredness (falling asleep at the wheel, falling asleep sitting up, 20 min. naps that turn into 3 hours of coma-like sleep!, etc.) Might have a yeast infection but no other symptoms or infection in that area - will have to track longer to be sure it wasn't coincidental.

Method of control: When I start getting the symptoms, take acyclovir (Zovirax). 400 mg. twice daily seems to make them subside right away.
Meditation for relaxation.
Prayer for healing.

My Story: Don't know how, from whom, or when I got it. No one ever told me they had it or thought they had it. Figure I got it from another woman due to the location and the fact that it is HSV2.

Medical Experiences: On first terrible OB, doctor gave me a topical antibiotic that I'm sure made it warm, gooey and happy, and much worse for me. Second OB, another doctor with some sense tested for HSV and confirmed it as HSV2.

Telling: I had to tell my wife/love/partner/girlfriend the bad news of the diagnosis. We cried and suffered and had our ups and downs about it. (From "glad it's not something worse" to "what do we do now?") and felt ignorant and really uninformed by the doctors. There was a time of distrust from her to me ("how could this happen if you're supposedly faithful to me?", etc., and I had been totally and completely faithful to her since 1990 when we got together. Brief question of if I got it from her, but decided probably not due to her number of partners vs. mine, and she has no symptoms...)