Name: Rose
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Type: Type 1-genital area. Never had an OB of HSV 1 on lips.
Year Infected: 1991
OB's per yr: My first OB was in '91, second in '96, and third in May '98.

Prodromes: Itching, burning tingling feeling in genitals. Fatigue, nausea, swollen glands in groin area and vaginal discharge.

My Story: I was infected by my first boyfriend in 1991. I practiced safe sex but received HSV 1 via oral sex. At first I thought I had a yeast infection. My doctor prescribed a cream for me which made it worse. I became very sick. I had a fever. My glands were swollen. I was in a lot of pain. I then noticed that I had blisters on my genitals.
This scared the hell out me. I saw another doctor who did an exam and confirmed my primary MD's diagnosis of a yeast infection. When I asked him about the blisters, he said that I wasn't treated properly and my symptoms got worse. No culture was ever done. I trusted him. I was given another cream and sent on my way. The first OB lasted for a little over a month because of being misdiagnosed. My boyfriend never exhibited symptoms of any kind for me to even suspect HSV. After my 1st OB having sex was painful. In the area around my genitals the skin became very thin and as a result I would tear after intercourse. My doctor put me on estrogen creams but it didn't help. My relationship ended and a few years later I was involved with someone else. I still had problems with tearing but very little pain associated with it. I had an OB in '96 and my doctor at the time thought I had cancer. I was sent to a dermatologist and I had a biopsy done. I was then diagnosed with HSV 1.

Medical Experiences: The doctors I've come across haven't been very supportive. When I had my 1st OB I had no medical background knowledge at all. I've had to do a lot of research myself; looking for alternate methods of treatment, (which you don't find in medical texts), where to find support groups, etc.

Telling: I haven't told anyone. I'm still learning to cope with all of this. I've been in denial for about 2 years. This recent OB hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. This is for real. I continued to see the guy I was dating after diagnosis in '96 but ended it shortly after. I couldn't bring myself to tell him. I find this forum an excellent way for me to express my feelings and also to learn new information in the treatment of HSV.