Name: RS

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Occupation: Sales Manager

Yr. Infected: 2004

Number of outbreaks – two since my first in March

Treatment: I just started on suppressive therapy on valtrex

My Story: After living my life like most males in the 20’s who are not married and tied down, I decided that I had taken enough chances….  Six months after my last protected encounter I noticed some serious lower back pain, fever, headaches and run-down fever, etc… the “gift” appeared.  The initial outbreak lasted about 3 weeks and was pretty darn painful.  I am still not positive who I picked this up from but I have narrowed it down quite a bit.

After two swab tests – negative, and a very confusing type test – negative I was visibly diagnosed.  I was given the option of suppressive and episodic therapy.  I decided suppression would be better.  So far I have had one outbreak since.

Telling:  I have only told 1 friend so far….