Protection for oral sex with a female:

I knew someone would have something funny to say about that!

OK, here they are, one more time. Mostly common sense...

For use on a woman's genital area for oral sex:
1. Take a piece of cling film/plastic wrap larger than the area to be covered (about 6" by the width of the wrap). The new colored wraps seem more fun and somewhat less clinical!
2. Gently put a small amount of personal lube into the folds of the lips, using KY for example, but never Vaseline/petroleum jelly as it is: 1) very difficult to clean off, 2) can break down plastics and rubbers, 3) tastes nasty if you get it on your mouth.
3. Place the plastic wrap over the genital lips and press it into all the folds. If the "giver" experiences sores around the mouth or on the chin, make sure any area of her genital area that you will be touching with your lips or chin will be covered. By leaving no "air spaces" between the plastic and her skin, it allows the most possible, uncompromised sensations from your mouth to her flesh. The small amount of lube helps keep it close to the skin and in place.
That's it!


Note: It has been reported to me that the cling wrap is not impermeable to the virus particles. Perhaps the dental dam is safer. No specific references available at this writing. -Rajah 7-11-99