Name: salwrite (its all right)
Age: 36
Sex: sperm producer
Occupation: Electronic Tech\Computer Hardware Manufacturing
Type: Hsv1 on lips very rarely as long as I can remember. Hsv2 on lips and face (50 -70% of lips) Happy to say all clear below
Yr Infected: somewhere in 83’

OB's per yr
: For the first 5 years about every three weeks. Next 5 years about every couple of months. Only once a year since.

Prodromes: The tingle followed by intense burning for a half a day then numbness.

Method of control: acyclovir (Zovirax). 400 mg. one a day for suppression three times a day during OB. I stay away from Chocolate, Nuts most gelatins.

My Story: About the second month onboard an ammunition ship in CA I got more
than a little wasted and ended up with a less than healthy woman who loved oral sex performed on her. Being a stupid 21 and legal drinker I complied. Three days later we were deployed on a six month Western Pacific Tour (westpac). I spent alot of time in the sun. I woke up on the second day at sea with one hell of an itching all over my lips. Later that day the burning started in by the end of the third day I had developed large sores over most of my lips I had though it was sun poisoning so I went to the medic who diagnosed it as herpes. I knew what it was, but not what it looked like. When my shipmates saw I was very troubled by this they started calling me “Blisterlips” or Petty Officer Herp. I was someone everybody stayed away from.

No Meds. No support. I started self medicating with lots of intoxicants, some not so legal. I had two states, drunk and at sea. When I left the ship for shore duty I found my now best friend. EKE accepted me for what I was. All those years weren't all bad. I managed to get advanced in rank and had good evaluations I did have some friends but the THING always kept me close to misery. About Eight years ago I started on the meds but the emotional aspect still kept me away from myself. Four years ago I started reading more on the subject and started attending support meeting. A WONDERFUL thing happened, I started to accept myself. The OB’s slowed way down, I started school (Tech College), and of course I found my reason for living. As much as I hate cliches I do believe Attitude is everything.

Medical Experiences: There was not a thing anyone could do. No Meds existed
then that I was aware of. The navy treated it as a TSS condition (tough shit sailor). My shipmates had plenty of fun tormenting me. At one point the ship doc. prescribed me a placebo, than told everybody else about it. (thanks chief) I found this wonderful clinic here in the Twins. Family Tree not only turned me on to the support groups but gave me more medical support than I thought existed for this problem.

Telling: I told my not yet girlfriend one night after a long work night and a full day of class. I was pretty emotional about it and I knew it would probably end our relationship as it had before. She told me a month later that it was a big problem for here so I gave her all the information I had on the H. Two months later she turned to me and told me she Loved Me. A year later she married me. Ya, I deserve to be this Happy!!!!!!!!!!!