Name SayWhat?
Age: 42
Sex: F
Occupation: Self Employed.
Status: Single Mom

OB's per yr: None that I know of or recognize

History:  I had my son in 2000...alone. It was the best day of my life.  I was totally devoted to being a parent and nothing was going to get in my way....especially another ridiculous relationship. I stayed celibate for over 2 years.  Sex used to be so important, but now it was the last thing on my mind. I decided after a couple of years, that I needed to start dating. I wanted my son to have a father one day and it wasn't going to happen if I didn't get out and start dating. I was done with bars, done with being set up on blind dates that went nowhere. So, I  Met a great guy . Tall, handsome, successful and turns out we had mutual friends. 

Yes, yes, I slept with him on the first date. We used condoms but played plenty up until the moment. The next day, I felt funny down there but dismissed it. A couple days later, I went to my OB/GYN who  had delivered my son and told him of what was going on. He looked and said, "hmm, I think it's because you haven't been sexually active and the condoms may have irritated you". He gave me some Monistat and I left.

The next day it got worse, the next day my glands in my groin were swollen, I had a high fever, my baby below was swollen and had papercuts and I couldn't pee! I rushed back to the OB/GYN and he immediately looked and called for a swab. I asked him about herpes and he said, "I'm not sure".  That's when I found this site. I waited, and waited for my results and came here day after day, minute after minute comparing symptoms. Then I got my call that it was herpes. My world froze at that moment and I thought I was going to literally die. I mean herpes to me was like HIV. That was it and it was over. My eyes then set on my "giver". He had been calling me during the week, "hey, how ya doing?" Hey, are you okay?"  He knew.

I called him the day of my results and said, "come on over and have some wine."  Once he was in my little mittens, I laid it on him. Of course, he had the deer-in-the-headlights look and I told him to let me SEE. Lol.....he did and low and behold were two little tiny (like a pin tip) scabs on his precious jewel! And I knew. I knew that he knew and he knew that I knew. He tried to stay in touch, and I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he knew he had herpes. His ex had it for years it turned out. 

Other: I've never had an outbreak that I could call on since then and that's been since 2002 or so. For the most part, I've disclosed that I have herpes, but it ain't been an easy road to take. It's an emotional hell to tell and there's no easy way to do it. But as you get older, someone you encounter has had an experience with it.  I did have  blood test so I know it's HSV 2, and sometimes, I wish I wouldn't have even done that. But, it's not affected my life other than emotionally.