Name: Sir Diablo~
Age: 27
Sex: M
Occupation: Manager of Product Development. In My Free Time: Music lover, Digital Artist, General Psuedo-Intellectual, Goofball
Yr. Infected: 1996
Type: HSV2 (I believe)

Prodromes: Tingling/crawling sensations, general soreness around gentalia

OB Frequency
: Varies wildly. Sometimes pops up every few weeks, sometimes goes away for three months! Occasionaly I will have one long string of OB's that will last an entire month. That definately is the worst!

Method of Control: Famvir twice a day for five days, starting with first sign of Prodromes. Going to give suppressive meds a shot soon.

My Story: I assume I recieved it from my last relationship. She showed no signs nor symptoms, but her "ex" was infected. I have heard that alot of people carry the virus and never show any symptoms....

Telling: I have told a good friend of mine who, having served in the Army (stationed in
Germany), was very understanding and actually more knowledgeable about it than I would have thought. I guess they learn about it in the Army when being stationed
overseas where prostitution is legal! Just recently I have been in a position where I felt it
nessecary to tell two different females. They were both females who I was dating, and even though I didn't expect things to turn sexual, I still felt they had a right to know. The first time was very very very hard. I am a very honest and open-minded person, and generaly don't have any qualms about discussing just about any topic, but I must say it was hard to say the "H" word to someone whom I was dating! The second one was a tiny bit easier, but not much. Both of them took it better than I could believe, although one of them did get a wee bit nervous and had to research it on the net before she would see me again. She was afraid that somehow my genital herpes could spread to her
through kissing.

What Next: Well, that's the million dollar question now, isn't it? Some days I feel as if all hope of love, romance and intamacy (not to mention the very enjoyable and active sex life that I had previously been used to) has basicly been thrown right into the toilet. Other days I think that everything will be fine, that I will meet that perfect lady who cares about ME and not what pops up on my penis every few months. I guess time will tell. It just gets so lonely sometimes. But hey, the sun still rises every morning, right? :-) Somehow, watching the sun come up over the horizon, in the quiet still air of early morning, makes everything seem okay again...