Name: Spike 
Age: 30 
Occupation: Artist 
Type: HSV2 
Yr Infected: 00 
OB per yr: 6 light cases 
Prodromes: Redness, blisters, itching in small areas 
Method of Control: Not on any medication but am looking into it soon 

Story: Well like all these stories. ......a long time ago in a bedroom far far away.....I was with an ex. I saw her for about 1.5 yrs and she had a long family history of sexual abuse. We did not practice safe sex at all during our relationship. After being with her for several months I noticed some symptoms on her. I asked her about them and she very briefly and inaccurately explained to me that it was herpes and it was not contagious. I knew nothing about this and foolishly proceeded our habits. About a year later I started to get symptoms. She noticed them and suggested I get it looked at. So I did and the doctor just looked at the red spot and said it was Herpes. I got a prescription of Acyclovir I believe but only took the original dosage. I would like to go back and get on something. But I digress...after finding out this news and telling my partner of the time, she freaked and accused me of cheating on her and all that. Things blew up from there and I am relieved to be out of there. I guess a small part of me wanted to stay because I then knew we both shared it and felt like who else would accept me now. That was 3 yrs ago and I have pretty much avoided intimate relationships since then, A few dates here and there but nothing that would constitute reason to have "The talk". 

Telling: Well up until now I have not been in a situation where I needed to tell. Here's is my dilemma and as I see I am not the only one with this, there is a girl that I have known for at least 2 yrs and we work together. We get along great and we have the best rapport. Never a silent moment, always laughing and having a good time. Well we have been friends and only friends this entire time but she has really been sending signals that she is interested in more. I guess the dilemma is am I obligated to tell her about my HSV before trying to initiate a romantic relationship at all, or should I wait until intimacy is more imminent ( no not to the point where we are half dressed) to let her know. I guess another take on this is that it is possible that she just might want to be "Friends with benefits" in which the window for sex could fast approach once the romantic seal is actually broken. Seems like an interesting dilemma to me. Maybe not?