Name: Susan
Age: 25
Sex: F
Occupation: Finance
Type: HSV2
Yr Infected: 2000
OBs per year: 5 so far
Prodrome: Little soreness, tingling

My Story: Met a guy who was great. We dated a couple
of times then every weekend for 3 months. After 6
months of knowing him, we finally slept together. 2
months later (Valentines Day), I felt a soreness below
the belt. At fisrt, I thought it was a wart and went
to the doctor. Test came back positive for Herpes.
Telling the man I was dating was simple and he said he
knew who had given it to him when I told him. He
claimed he never had any symptoms (don't know if I
believe that now). He stuck around for about another
month then left me for another woman he worked with.
I always wonder if he told her he had it???

Telling: My closest friends know and I have told one
man who was interested in me. He asked "Can you die
from it?" That's when I realized that so many people
have no idea what Herpes is. Would love to tell my
mother since we are close, but I don't want to get her

Future: I have always wanted more children. I have a
5 year old daughter. Who knows if I'll meet that man
who doesn't mind that I have Herpes or meet someone
who also has it.

OB's: For the first 3 months, it felt like a constant
outbreakout, it seemed never to go away. I have about
one every other month but they are VERY mild and don't
bother me that much.

THANKS for including me!!!!