Name: Troy
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student/Labourer/IT 
Type: HSV 2
Year Infected: Jan 2002 
OBs per year: Two so far, including primary since January.

Prodromes: Mild very localized itching (may not even be it), mild inner thigh/lower groin discomfort.

Method of control: Valtrex, 500mg suppressive, once a day. During the summer months I have been increasing to twice a day as prodromes have become more frequent every few weeks. Pretty sure if I was not on Valtrex I would be having frequent outbreaks, especially with the intense heat and humidity in Australia.

My Story: My 6th partner gave it to me intentionally in hopes of keeping us together. She was good enough to tell me that she had it, and we always made sure it was safe (checking for OB's, prodromes, condom's, washing etc) and so for 5 months all was fine. Problems in the relationship began occurring and it became obvious that we were on the road to breakup. Her behavior changed during this time and I noticed that her 'checking' was no longer thorough and to avoid going into explicit detail she would intentionally touch me after touching herself when she had OB's without washing. At this time I was not sure it could be contracted in this way (I knew very little about the virus, had only begun researching), so sure enough I got my primary in late January that lasted nearly 6 weeks. During the first few months I took it all on my own (not recommended), and finally opened up to a couple of close friends who have supported me ever since. Valtrex has helped me considerably and !
I have not had a single outbreak since I started it. The close friends who know have been nothing but supportive and I really appreciate them, and everyone on this site who has helped me and others.

Telling: My friend Natalie (who's in the picture), was the first I told. She was the easiest considering we are such close and trusting friends. Only two other people know about it since her (excluding doctors), but I am still apprehensive about telling a future partner. Telling friends is one thing, but to me telling someone you will be sexually involved with is something else. But as always this site and my friends will be there to support me no matter what happens!