Name: Uptown Girl
Age: 27 (28 in August)
Sex: F
Occupation: Assistant Program Manager
Type: Genital (HSV2)?
Year Infected: 1987
OB's per yr.: Full-fledged OB's - 3, Prodrome (did I spell that right?) - 6-8

Prodromes: tingling, itching, (sometimes painful lymph nodes)

Method of control: none really - I never took meds (scared of long-term side effects), instead I try to eat right, rest and exercise. I find that I have full-fledged outbreaks usually during mentally stressful periods.

My story: Got it from my boyfriend when I was 16. I was monogamous -- he was sleeping with everything not nailed down. Since I was too scared to tell Mom about the "burning sores down below," I went to a free clinic. I was diagnosed by an overworked, uncaring doctor that looked at me like I was from Mars when I burst into tears (so much for counseling).

Telling: I've had 4 boyfriends since infection. I told two of them. Neither was an outright confession before we consummated the relationship. I'd been with both of them a few months before my disclosure. The first guy was so in love with me it was never an issue. The second guy went ballistic. Needless to say, I'm not with either of
them. As for the future - I don't know.