Name: Vicki Ann
Age: 20
Sex: F
Occupation: Student
Infected: don't know for sure, showed up in 1998
Treatment: none so far, diet and plenty of rest

My Story: I had been dating my boyfriend for a few months, and wound up getting pregnant. I was under a lot of stress at the time trying to decide whether or not to keep the baby, that is when I had my first OB. It was about 1 month after I got pregnant. I didn't know what it was so I went and had it checked out, and that's when I found out. If I had it before then I didn't know about it.

Telling: Telling wasn't exactly easy, and actually I put off telling my boyfriend about it until he brought it up to me. It was one of those "Wow, me too!!" conversations. We both had an OB at the same time, so neither of us know who gave it to who. We were both trying to blame each other for a while, but it wore off and we realize it really doesn't matter who got it from who. The most difficult for me was telling my ex-boyfriend. I figured I had to tell him, not only so he would know to get checked out, but also to find out if he had it. I wanted to meet him in person, but he made me tell him over the phone, he got really angry and hung up on me. He called me back a couple
hours later to apologize, he thought I was blaming him for me getting H. He was really grateful to me for not only telling him, but also confiding in him. We're still friends.