Name: Zena
Type: HSV2
Yr infected: 1991
Age: 30

My monthly "friend", stress, illness. Not sure about foods since I have never paid attention to it. (I love chocolate and caffiene, so maybe?)

OB's per yr: 3-6

Method of control:
I am not on any meds. I take a mega vitamin and work out.
I try to be a happy person.

My story:
I met my future husband when I was pregnant with my second child. I
had recently left my first husband and was on an emotinal rollercoaster. He told me he had herpes, yet said that condoms would not matter. He was as uneducated as I. So, the sexual being that I am and was, I threw caution to the wind and contactracted herpes at 5 months pregnant. My doctor ridiculed me for not thinking about my childs life. I was cultured and left the office crying.....ashamed of my selfishness. I blamed him for doing this to me, yet it was I who should have checked in to it. So, my Obs were awful.....long and many...painful and disheartening. Luckily, the woman who had ridiculed me realized I was just ignorant, like most of the general population. I had my son vaginally, and he is fine, thanks to the fact that at least SHE was educated.

Now that I am divorced (again) after 8 years from the man who gave this to me, It was actually very difficult coming to terms with this disease. I did not feel I needed to tell as long as I was careful. Well, I fell in love with someone and did not tell him until after we had unprotected sex. I realize, now, that I was in denial since I never had to tell anyone. Fear of rejection or shame, something, kept me from telling. Well, let me tell you from experience.....NOT telling is the worst thing you can do. I have lost my friend, my love, and possibly the one man I am compatible with because I did not tell him until now. I am not in denial now. I have learned his site, I know how I will. Facing this is all so new to me. I am still depressed, yet I know everything will be ok, as long as I am honest, with myself and anyone I get involved with. :)